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If you ride a bike and are within 100 km of Esterhazy you are strongly encouraged to join.  You will also need to be a member of the SCA, http://www.saskcycling.ca/membership.html.  The benefits of being a member of the SCA are explained on this page; http://www.saskcycling.ca/benefits.html


The number of racers within the club is growing, as well as the numbers of road riders enrolled in the club.  For road rides, contact Terry, or Blair.


The Kaposvar Valley North of town has been completed.  This is an in-town trail accessible course that anyone from 6 to 86 can ride.  Thank you Tom for doing the legwork on this one.


Presently we have trails at: 1) Race course, 2) Race SW 3) Race SE 4) Irvines 5) Smiths 6) Nicholausons 7) Railway Track bed 8) Clarkes



Below:  A couple of pictures that were taken from the course highlighting the fall and some scenery from the Maah Daah Hey

Members of the club from a group ride in August 2010:

Blair Drader, Tom Bradt, Craig Verner , Tom Landine, Terry Zack, Jeff Propp, Jarrett Walker, Geff Nagy.